Thank You!

Together, we did it! Because of your generosity, Tri Sigma set records, achieved goals and furthered its impact in the world. We thought our goal of raising $136,000 – to celebrate each and every Tri Sigma who has left her legacy in the world since 1898 – was ambitious! But because of your desire to empower future generations of Sigmas, we now know there is nothing we can’t accomplish … together!

Excited about the success of Tri Sigma's Founders Day of Giving? Express your interest to join the team of ambassadors in 2023 to help us continue to provide life-changing opportunities for Tri Sigmas and make an impact in our communities. 


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Thank You!

Top 5 Ambassadors by Funds Raised

Nancy McGowan

$3,472 raised

Sierra Lykins

$3,021 raised

Heather Cruz

$2,756 raised

Bethany Deines

$2,634 raised

Stephanie Everett

$2,315 raised

Challenge Donors

Visit our website to learn more about our challenge donors.

If you are interested in being a challenge donor for Founders Day of Giving 2023 contact Summer Sage at

Dollars Raised

Chapter Leaderboard


$10,346 raised

Beta Gamma

$10,136 raised

Gamma Kappa

$10,076 raised

Gamma Alpha

$9,796 raised

Beta Xi

$8,070 raised


$8,041 raised

Alpha Upsilon

$7,366 raised

Alpha Psi

$6,969 raised

Beta Epsilon

$4,103 raised


$3,786 raised

Beta Kappa

$3,653 raised

Alpha Pi

$3,385 raised

Alpha Xi

$3,303 raised

Epsilon Theta

$3,038 raised

Delta Xi

$3,010 raised
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