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Thank You!

You've helped us achieve so much during our 1 day, 8 hour, and 98-minute Founders Day of Giving campaign. The dashboard will be live through April as we receive mailed donations from chapter events. 

There is still time to make your Founders Day gift. Use the Give link above to ensure your gift is counted in the Founders Day of Giving total. 

Founders Day of Giving Sponsors

Special thanks to the Tri Sigma women who sponsored Founders Day of Giving

Mary Crumpton Brown, Rho
Joann Stohler Davis, Beta Gamma
CJ Havlik Donovan, Beta Lambda
Shirley Mowles McKinley, Alpha Upsilon
Karrie Benjamin, Gamma Alpha
Angi Bevers, Beta Gamma
Lisa Koeller, Gamma Alpha
Jo Ann Douglas Litton, Beta Gamma
Nora Moushey, Kappa
Jeanne Nissen, Mu
Marie Androsevic Rees, Delta Xi
Susan Buche Ayers, Mu
Arlene Reid Ball, Alpha Phi
Marie Beck, Beta Upsilon
Bette Blythe Lewis, Beta Kappa
Brenda Osterman Ray, Alpha Psi
Ally Simon, Alpha Chi

Ambassador Team Totals

Recent Donors

Amanda Zweber

Kathleen Pickering

Susan Philbrick

Jordaine-Faith Enriquez

Jamie Frontiera

Mary Chapp

Linda Avedon

Linda Barbone

Dixie Shelton

Michelle Wallace

Mary Bussone-Neam

Suzanne Stoltz

Frankie Wainwright

Marshal Hines

Emily Momberger

Nicole Jacobs

Jessica Gaines

Rose Holland

Melisa Stevens

Amanda Conley

Pamela Iannotta

Cynthia Young

Loretta Cross

Rose Sturgeon

Milestone Challenges

Your donations will unlock milestone gifts from generous Founders Day of Giving Sponsors:

Challenge met! $25,000 - unlock $5,000 from Shirley Mowles McKinley, Alpha Upsilon

Challenge met! $50,000 - unlock $3,333 from Angi Bevers, Beta Gamma

Challenge met! $75,000 - unlock $2,600 from Karrie Kinsella Benjamin, Gamma Alpha

Challenge met! $100,000 - unlock $2,500 from Marie Androsevic Rees, Delta Xi

Challenge met! $125,000 - unlock $5,000 from CJ Havlik Donovan, Beta Lambda

Challenge met! $150,000 - unlock $2,500 from Jeanne Nissen, Mu

$175,000 - unlock $2,500 from Lisa Koeller, Gamma Alpha

Pillars of Sigma Challenge

When we reach 150 Pillars of Sigma members, we'll unlock additional donations from these donors:

Brenda Osterman Ray, Alpha Psi - $1,500
Marie Schrag Beck, Beta Upsilon - $1,000
Susan Buche Ayers, Mu - $1,000

Donate $1,000 to become a Pillar of Sigma!


Violet Tribute Challenge

When we reach 100 Violet Tributes, we'll unlock $2,000 from Bette Blythe Lewis, Betta Kappa and Ally Simon, Alpha Chi


Challenge Met! - Total Donors


Help us reach 500 donors to unlock $5,000 from Joann Stohler Davis, Beta Gamma

Challenge Met! - New Donors


Help us reach 100 first time donors to unlock a $2,500 gift from Jo Ann Douglas Litton, Beta Gamma.

Challenges Met! - Early Giving

Help us reach these milestones in early giving to unlock gifts from generous Founders Day of Giving Sponsors.

Challenge met! $10,000 raised by April 19 - unlock $1,500 from Arlene Reid Ball, Alpha Phi

Challenge met! $15,000 raised by April 19 - unlock $5,000 from Mary Crumpton Brown, Rho

Top Collegiate Chapters

Beta Gamma

$14,690 raised


$6,974 raised

Alpha Upsilon

$6,842 raised

Gamma Alpha

$5,744 raised

Alpha Sigma

$5,651 raised

Gamma Kappa

$4,887 raised

Beta Rho

$4,764 raised

Alpha Chi

$4,064 raised

Epsilon Omicron

$4,008 raised

Beta Pi

$3,774 raised

Alpha Phi

$3,627 raised

Beta Epsilon

$3,185 raised

Beta Kappa

$3,085 raised

Beta Lambda

$3,066 raised

Delta Xi

$2,849 raised

Top Alumnae Chapters

Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter

$13,762 raised

Chicago NW Suburban Alumnae Chapter

$9,671 raised

Indianapolis Suburban Alumnae Chapter

$8,878 raised

Dallas Alumnae Chapter

$7,468 raised

Chicago North Shore Alumnae Chapter

$6,940 raised

Southwest Florida Alumnae Chapter

$6,879 raised

Phoenix Alumnae Chapter

$4,908 raised

Long Beach Alumnae Chapter

$4,036 raised

Milwaukee Alumnae Chapter

$3,919 raised

First State Alumnae Chapter

$3,514 raised

Twin Cities Alumnae Chapter

$3,445 raised

Greater Los Angeles Alumnae Chapter

$3,139 raised

West Michigan Alumnae Chapter

$3,089 raised

Omaha-Council Bluffs Alumnae Chapter

$3,069 raised

Oklahoma City Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter

$2,845 raised

State Leaderboard


$15,879 raised


$13,012 raised


$12,694 raised


$10,985 raised


$9,967 raised


$9,393 raised


$8,151 raised


$7,222 raised


$7,023 raised

New York

$6,495 raised


$6,368 raised


$4,768 raised


$4,494 raised


$3,514 raised


$3,247 raised

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